TDLR Plan Review Submittal (TAS)

Texas Architectural Barriers (ADA) Plan Review Services for Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) compliance where the total estimated construction cost is $50,000.00 or greater.


Click here for our Plan Review Submittal Checklist

Failure to follow these instructions may result in processing-delays.

If Items 1 and 2 below were not uploaded to the Texas Architectural Barriers Online System (TABS) during project registration, please submit the construction drawings and POS form (in PDF format only) by email or by sending a direct download link to

What is Required:

(1)  A complete set of the construction drawings in PDF format, and

  • If the project is new construction, or an addition to an existing building, then we must receive any civil construction drawings that have been prepared or the project cannot be reviewed.
  • Do not submit colorized drawings. CAD files must be output to grayscale or monochrome or the project cannot be reviewed. We review drawings on a computer monitor, so we do not need very large, plot-size drawings. Please compress files to PDF to the maximum extent practicable while maintaining legibility on a high-resolution monitor (4K). Lines, graphics, and small text must be readable.
  • We cannot require that drawings submitted to us be signed and sealed by the Texas licensed design professional that prepared the drawings. The signing and sealing of drawings is a matter between the design professional and his or her Texas licensing board.
  • If you are unable to upload the construction documents to the TABS server at time of project registration (for whatever reason), and elect to send us a direct download link, the documents must be unprotected with no password protection. Please remember that the copy of documents submitted become the property of the State of Texas and Texas Access will jealously protect all client work product as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

(2)  A fully completed TDLR Proof of Submission Form (POS) in PDF format signed and dated by the Texas licensed design professional having overall responsibility for the design of the project, and

  • If there is no such Texas licensed design professional (architect, engineer, interior designer, or landscape architect), then the Proof of Submission Form is not required.
  • You must enter the state assigned TABS number in BOX 9 on the POS form. If you do not know, or yet have, the TABS number, PLEASE do not protect the signed form or we will not be able to enter the number for you. We cannot accept a POS form that is not FULLY completed.
  • In BOX 11, the Date Construction Documents Issued is generally the date the Texas licensed design professional issued the drawings for permitting purposes, and the Date Construction Documents Submitted is the date we receive the drawings.
  • Important: If you are a Texas licensed design professional that has overall responsibility for the design of the project, DO NOT hand the construction drawings off to another party, such as the contractor or a permit expediter, for the purpose of making the submission to us. If the drawings are not submitted to us within the 20 business day time period required on the Proof of Submission Form, then that will have repercussions for the designer. The best practice is to submit the construction documents and the Proof of Submission Form directly to us at the same time that the documents are being issued for permitting purposes.

(3)  Pay the applicable fee per the Fee Schedule.

  • Payment may be made by check or money order payable to 'Texas Access' at Texas Access, 3415 Misty Meadow Dr., Dallas, Texas 75287. Please be sure to include the project name or the state-assigned (TABS) project number.

Credit Card Payment Option: If you want to pay the fees with a credit card instead of a check, click here.

  • We will not accept purchase orders in lieu of receiving payment by check, money order, or credit card, PRIOR to the performance of any service. This is not negotiable. The Rules require payment prior to the performance of any service. Click here if you would like to self-generate a Texas Access Invoice.

General Submittal Comments:

  • The $175 state project registration filing fee does NOT include the plan review fee. A separate plan review fee must be paid at time of submittal.
  • The submittal is not considered complete until ALL three of the above items have been received.
  • When the submittal is complete, you will receive an email from us confirming that the submittal is complete. If you do not receive an email from us confirming that the submittal is complete then something is wrong, and you need to contact us as soon as possible for instructions.
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