TDLR Architectural Barriers Forms


Forms may be mailed or emailed in PDF format.

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Important! Incomplete forms that are submitted to Texas Access as part of the project submittal requirements will be rejected and will delay the plan review of the project. No exceptions.

TDLR Architectural Barriers Project Registration Form EAB205N
TDLR Form AB005 must be submitted with the construction documents and payment. (PDF)

Note: Completion and submission of the above form is not required where the project has been registered online at TDLR's website. See the TDLR Project Registration Page for instructions on registering a project.

TDLR Proof of Submission Form EAB242N
TDLR Form AB042 must be submitted by the design professional with overall responsibility for the design of the project. In the absence of such a design professional, the Owner is required to make the submittal. In that event, we will not require this form. (PDF)

TDLR Inspection Response Form EAB229N
TDLR Form AB029 must be submitted to us after a failed final inspection and before any deadline for responding. (PDF)

TDLR Designated Agent Form (uncommon) EAB243N
TDLR Form AB043 is provided for an Owner (holding title to the subject property) to designate an Agent to act on its behalf. This form, if utilized, must accompany the Project Registration Form and/or Request for Inspection Form if an agent will be designated. (PDF)

For forms not provided here, such as Variance Applications, go to the TDLR's website.

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