TDLR Inspections

Texas Architectural Barriers Inspections are required once construction has been completed. The inspection must occur prior to the first anniversary of the recorded project completion date. 

VERY IMPORTANT: We will not schedule an inspection before construction is completed, which includes the contractor or job superintendent having a C.O. or T.C.O. in-hand. All construction work applicable to the project scope must be completed. If the project scope is not completed, and all work cannot be inspected for compliance with TAS, the inspection will be canceled onsite and a $250 fee may be required to re-schedule the inspection at a later date, which could be significant depending on our ongoing schedule of commitments. It is absolutely imperative that the contractor or job super not jump the gun in requesting the inspection.

REGARDING COVID-19: While onsite the inspector will be following the CDC recommended COVID-19 disease prevention recommendations for the personal safety of all parties. This includes social distancing, the wearing of a mask and gloves, and the sanitization of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and inspection equipment before and after the inspection. We kindly request that all parties in the vicinity of the inspector also practice the CDC recommendations to the extent practicable.

April 24th, 2020, Update from the TDLR: To help combat the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health and safety of our Registered Accessibility Specialists (RASs), building owners and their representatives, the Department will allow the owner or owner designee that accompanied the RAS on the inspection to electronically sign the Proof of Inspection form on the day of the inspection rather than at the time and location of the inspection.

Note: If the person meeting the inspector onsite does not wish to personally handle the Proof of Inspection form, please inform the inspector in advance of the inspection and a pre-completed form will be emailed to that person so that a digital signature may be affixed to the form and returned to the inspector on that same day.

Click here for our Request for Inspection Checklist

How to obtain a final state architectural barriers inspection:

The following items MUST be submitted before we can schedule or perform an inspection:

1. A fully completed TDLR Request for Inspection Form signed and dated by the Property Owner/Landlord, and

Note: If the Property Owner has previously designated an agent (not required) utilizing an Owner's Agent Designation Form, the agent may sign the Request for Inspection Form.

2. Payment of the Inspection Fee amount on the Fee Schedule & Payment page. Use the total estimated construction cost to determine the inspection fee. The public can obtain the recorded project construction cost as well as other detailed project information, by searching the TDLR's Projects Database.

Important: Incomplete forms that are submitted to Texas Access as part of the submittal requirements will be rejected and will delay the inspection of the project. No exceptions. In the event that the final inspection fee was prepaid to Texas Access at time of the initial project submittal, and the inspection is not requested utilizing a TDLR Request for Inspection Form prior to the expiration of the first anniversary of the RECORDED project completion date, the final inspection fee may be forfeited. Please contact us for more information.

Note: The Owner, Owner's Agent, or any other party (simply termed an 'Owner Designee'), must be present during the inspection and sign a TDLR Proof of Inspection Form. The executed form will be attached to the inspection report that is generated and issued after the inspection.

Responding to Texas Access after a failed inspection:

ATTENTION OWNERS (AND THEIR PREVIOUSLY DESIGNATED AGENTS): After a failed inspection you will need to fully complete and submit a TDLR Inspection Response Form to us within 270 days after the date of the inspection. If that form is not received by us within the 270-day window to correct any violations, the TDLR will take administrative action to ensure compliance.