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Please consider using our Plan Review Submittal Checklist or our Request for Inspection Checklist as an easy way to assemble the needed forms and information.

TDLR Forms


IMPORTANT! Incomplete forms that are submitted to Teaxs Access as part of the project submittal requirements will be rejected and will delay the plan review of the project. No exceptions.

TDLR Architectural Barriers Project Registration Form
TDLR Form AB05 must be submitted with the construction documents and payment. (PDF)

IMPORTANT: Completion and submission of the above form is not required where the project has been registered online at TDLR's website. See the Registration page for instructions.

TDLR Proof of Submission Form
TDLR Form AB042 must be submitted by the design professional with overall responsibility for the design of the project. In the absence of such a design professional, the Owner is required to make the submittal. In that event, we will not require this form. (PDF)

TDLR Owner Agent Designation Form
TDLR Form AB043 is provided for an Owner (holding title to the subject property) to designate an Agent to act on its behalf. This form, if utilized, must accompany the Project Registration Form and/or Request for Inspection Form if an agent will be designated. (PDF)

TDLR Request for Inspection Form
TDLR Form 041AB must be submitted by the owner of a building or facility to request an inspection. We will not be able to perform an inspection without this form. (PDF) Revised 02-2014

TDLR Inspection Response Form
TDLR Form AB029 must be submitted to us after a failed final inspection, and prior to any deadline for responding. (PDF)

TDLR Notice of Substantial Compliance Request Form
TDLR Form 046AB is provided for Owners, or their Designated Agents, to request a certificate for a newly constructed building or facility that has received a satisfactory inspection by the department or a registered accessibility specialist, that has provided verification of corrective modifications to address inspection violations. Alteration, addition, and tenant finish out construction projects are not eligible for a Notice of Substantial Compliance, only newly constructed projects. (PDF)

TDLR Variance Application
Completed Project Registration Form must accompany Variance Application. (PDF)

For forms not provided here, such as Variance Applications, go to TDLR's website.

Texas Access Stuff

Plan Review Submittal Checklist
As found at the top of the Plan Review page, this is a helpful aid to ensure compliance with project submittal requirements.

Request for Inspection Checklist
As found at the top of the Inspections page, this is a helpful aid to ensure compliance with a request for the final inspection.

Invoice Backup
Use our standard invoice for backup on internal and external check requests (MS Word).

2012 TAS Plan Check & Inspection Compliance Worksheet
A basic but helpful aid during checking. Based on the new 2102 TAS. (PDF)

1994 TAS/ADA Plan Check & Inspection Compliance Worksheet
A basic but helpful aid during checking. Based on the 1994 TAS. (PDF)

Surface Slope Conversions Chart
Surface slope conversions chart. (PDF)