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Plan Review and Inspection Fee Schedule

To pay by personal check or company check:

Use the dropdown menus below to determine the fees you want to pay. Use the fee on the left. The fee on the right is the amount to use a credit card (more below). Be sure to include the $175 state filing fee and $50 convenience fee if you want us to register your project. If you need to print the Fee Schedule see the back of the Architectural Barriers Project Registration Form. Checks made payable to 'Texas Access' may be mailed to our main office. Be sure to write the Project Name on the check! See the Contact Us page for the mailing address.

To pay with any major credit card using PayPal, or to pay with the Venmo app:

Simply select the desired fees based on the total construction cost, and then click on the Add to Cart button under the fee. Please note that a PayPal Transaction Recover Fee is added to the amount to recover what PayPal charges us for the transaction. (This amount is "X"+2.9%+.30). You are NOT required to have an account with PayPal to process a credit card. Note: Some credit card holders, such as those working for government agencies, do have restrictions, including those that prevent transactions using PayPal.

A $50 Convenience Fee ("CF") is included in the fee amounts that include the state filing fee since you are wanting us to take our time to register the project and pay the state filing fee with our credit card.

We also accept payment through the Venmo app. Download the Venmo app for Android or iPhone through Google Play or iTunes. Pay to 'Texas-Access'.

Before paying a fee amount that includes the $175 state filing fee, make sure that the project has not already been registered with the state. If the project has already been registered then the $175 state filing fee has been paid and you do not want to select the fee with the state filing fee. To determine if a project has already been registered, click here.

Important: A project with a construction cost that is less than $50,000 is not required to be registered with the TDLR or receive a plan review or inspection (compliance is required regardless of the cost). If a building permit department is insisting on a "TDLR number" and the construction cost is less than $50,000, please print out the FAQ's published by TDLR, specifically General FAQ Number 5 "Do I have to submit plans for an accessibility plan review?", and provide that to the permitting authority.

For projects having a construction cost that is greater than $50M please call us to discuss.

If you fail to Enter the Project Name below the fee amount, send an email to Submittals@TexasAccess.com with the Project Name so that we can apply the payment to your project.

$50,000-$200,000 Construction Cost
Enter the Project Name
$201,000-$500,000 Construction Cost
Enter the Project Name
$501,000-$1,000,000 Construction Cost
Enter the Project Name
$1,000,001-$5,000,000 Construction Cost
Enter the Project Name
$5,000,001-$10,000,000 Construction Cost
Enter the Project Name
$10,000,001-$15,000,000 Construction Cost
Enter the Project Name
$15,000,001-$25,000,000 Construction Cost
Enter the Project Name
$25,000,001-$35,000,000 Construction Cost
Enter the Project Name
$35,000,001-$50,000,000 Construction Cost
Enter the Project Name

Special Fees not in the above Fee Schedule:

TDLR Late Project Filing Fee (uncommon)
$300.00. This is a fee that is required by the state in lieu of the $175 State Project Filing Fee when a project is registered AFTER construction has been completed. In this case you will need to register the project. We do not register late projects.

Special Interim Inspection Fee
$200.00. Includes an informal, walking inspection with observations and comments regarding the construction in progress. This does NOT include a written report. Owner's rep or site rep MUST be present to take notes, etc. If interested give us a call, but we must be hired to perform the "official" post-construction inspection before performing an interim inspection.

Construction Not Completed - Inspection Cancelled
$200.00. If the inspection is called for and the project is not 100% completed at time of arrival onsite. If the inspection is cancelled we will require that a penalty fee be paid PRIOR to rescheduling the inspection. Please do not attempt to pre-schedule an inspection before construction is completed. We have a very tight schedule and cannot be jerked around with changing completion dates.